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Perimeter Analysis
using Video
Content Analysis.

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This video features: Workings of Intrusion Detection Solutions

Why Video Content Analytics (VCA)?

Simple Installation

Installation completed in less than 2 minutes, highly accessible configuration in few clicks.

Real-Time Confirmation

An alarm is sent in real time to the central station, enabling immediate confirmation and verification.

Omission-Free Detection

Our mature platform provides you with a 99% reliability rate for systematic detection yielding almost no false alarms.

Flexible Configuration

The video analytic engine can classify and filter objects based on your needs: people, vehicles, loitering,…

of Long Range

Foxstream’s solution offers you long range perimeter detection that can detect intruders over several hundreds of meters/yards using thermal cameras with significantly reduced false alarm rates. The OSD (On Screen Display or red contour) feature allows the operator to quickly identify the source of the alarm.

Our product line
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Reliable Solutions

Foxstream has been honing its solutions for over 10 years using thousands of real-world field data.

Integrated in Many Ecosystems

Our open system architecture is designed for easy integration into the main platforms used in the security industry.

Advice and Support

Our dedicated teams help you with all of your needs, prior, during, and after deployment.

European & US Technology

The R&D, manufacturing and support are based in Europe & North America.

Here Are Solutions.

Examples of Security Applications:

Intrusion detection in outdoor settings

Long-range detection

Tripwire detection

Loitering detection

Left-behind luggage

License plate recognition

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