Foxstream is a software company, founded in 2004, that specializes in real-time automated processing of video content analysis (VCA).

Foxstream offers solutions that extract meaningful information from video feeds. This can be materialized by a red contour to identify an intruder in a prohibited area, or by displaying wait times calculated on the number of persons in a waiting line. Our objective is to provide users with solutions that increase the efficiency and efficacy of their video system and to reduce their operating costs.

End of 2014, Foxstream acquired Blue Eye Video Inc., company specialized in Queue Management Solutions in the airport industry. This company has become Foxstream Inc., located in Miami USA, and offers waiting time estimates as well as security solutions.

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Solutions and Support

Foxstream solutions are available on servers, embedded in cameras (in partnership with Axis and Samsung) or ready-to-use through direct camera connection: FoxBox.

Foxstream is not only about technology; Foxstream values working relationships and human interaction very highly in order to design the best solution and configuration and to optimize the implementation of our solutions.

All of our support is provided by Foxstream Project Managers and Engineers who are dedicated to Foxstream’s solutions.

Foxstream Services

On-Site Evaluation

To take into account your specific constraints.

Technical Feasibility Study

Using our FoxTool application, to calculate and generate coverage areas.

Simplified Installation

Thanks to our multiple service offers, ranging from start-up assistance to software maintenance agreements.