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FoxQMS is a powerful Queue Management Solution that offers reliable waiting time estimates to be displayed on-site or via way finding apps or websites.
Key points:

  • 100% of people are accounted for (no sampling)
  • Precise waiting time estimates (a survey conducted at a Canadian airport rated the accuracy divergence at less than 2 minutes, 92% of the time)
  • Short-term predictive data
  • Non-intrusive solution which protects personal privacy (images are not stored, anonymous counting, and all data are associated to a place and not individuals)
  • Configurable data push that allows you send data and alarms when specified values are exceeded

FoxQMS can be enhanced with an available 5-7 day predictive module offered by our partner: the Automated Predictive Analytics are based on Open Data & Big Data Correlation.

FoxQMS has been conceived in order to increase revenue streams by:

  • Resource allocation optimization thanks to statistical reports: the right people at the right place, based on a reliable measurement that informs on attendance peaks
  • Available 5-7 day predictive module that allows you to forecast and adapt resource allocation while taking into account different big data such as school vacations, strikes, weather conditons, etc.
  • Improved passenger experience thanks to our Open Platform approach which allows for integration to public announcement and display solutions, web apps and sites, etc.
  • Possibility to reuse existing CCTV cameras

It is worth noting that you can freely choose your camera models (no model or maker imposed), and that our partners can also offer adequate consulting for performance optimization.

FoxQMS is a turnkey solution, while tailored to each site.


Wait Time Display

On-Site Display as well as through various user orientation signage and web sites

Affluence Variation Detection

Allows you to add resources to handle peaks or to reduce lines configurations to speed up throughput

Predictive Wait Times

Cost optimization through better future resource planning


FoxQMS can be integrated through

An API can be provided to let you access data and share it with third party applications.

Technical Specifications

Cameras: analog/IP/
Camera Brands: All
Can use existing cameras
Maximum number of cameras: unlimited


Christopher U. Browne Airport Manager, Washington Dulles International Airport

Foxstream Inc. allows our customers to make enlightened decisions. For the first time, we can advise management at Dulles based on real wait times logged at each one of our security checking lines. Not only can passengers choose themselves which is the shortest line they may want to use, but TSA personnel also now have information that allows them to react proactively to manage their resources. The team has listened to our requirements and have worked relentlessly to implement a reliable and profitable solution that brings immediate added value to the customer experience.

Frédéric Besson Project Manager, IT, Lyon Airport

This solution, which is based on IP video and analytics, has allowed us to implement our project and to improve airport management. Beyond the increased satisfaction of the passengers we welcome, we use it as a daily management tool that improves our organization and accompanies our further development.