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People Counting
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Video Content Analytics (VCA)?

99% of people detected

Counting technology is precise and detects almost all people in the line, not just random samples.

Use of Existing Cameras

Possibility of using the existing camera network to minimize deployment costs.

Non-Intrusive Solution

Ethical solution that does not connect without permission to mobile phones, tablets or PCs.

Live Images

You can watch live video during very high frequentation times or line capacity overflow to visually confirm the events.

Wait Time
Display Examples

FoxQMS calculates real-time precise and reliable wait times at various measurement points.

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Precise Counting

As tested independently by Benchmark Magazine, FoxCounter was deemed the best in class product.

Increased Revenues

Shorter wait times increases time available for other activities such as shopping, thereby increasing revenues.

Improved Customer Experience

Displaying clear wait time information on existing PA equipment guides and orients customers better, thereby improving their overall experience.

Past, Present, and Future Data

Wait times data can be analyzed to predict future behaviors and help you plan your facilities better.

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Examples of Flow Management:

People Counting

Line Wait Time Estimation

Line Density Measurement

Reports & Comparisons

Predictive Data

Integration with Third-Party Applications

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