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Our Product Line

Real Time, Reliable Protection

Foxstream is dedicated to producing solutions for the detection of all types of perimeter intrusion in outdoor settings while eliminating false alarms. Our detection solutions allow operators to immediately confirm alarms using automated PUSH VIDEO.

  • Advanced object classification minimizes false alarms
  • Innovative solutions thanks to our close partnership with world-class R&D labs such as LIRIS and CNRS
  • High performance security solutions thanks to immediate video confirmation tools
  • Increased collaboration with enforcement agencies thanks to tangible evidence

How It Works

Our Product


Design and Feasibility Aid

FoxTool is a unique tool to help manage intrusion detection projects. Available at no charge, FoxTool allows Integrators and A&E Firms to quickly assess the feasibility of projects.

  • Generates detection zones from a ground plan (Google Maps screenshot…)
  • Indicate on these areas the part covered by the FOXSTREAM intrusion detection analysis
  • Ensures the proper functioning of the analysis solution, once deployed


Why choose FoxTool?

Independent and multi-brand study tool

Can integrate your camera specifications


With FoxTool, you can:

Use 3D objects to simulate the presence of obstacles (buildings, fences, storage, vehicles …) Choose the cameras best suited to your project from our list, for optimal analysis

Export a project report to support you in sales and deployment

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