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Research Partnership

Foxstream has been working closely for ten years now with LIRIS at CNRS to keep abreast of new innovations and to guarantee that its solutions are always at the leading edge.


One of the main advantages of VCA is that the object that triggers the alarm is highlighted using OSD, eg, a red contour that highlights the vehicle or person, which allows an operator to immediately identify the source of the event without wasting time. Time is the most critical factor when it comes to initiate an intervention and to apprehend the culprits. This is why real-time and automatic transmission are key objectives in Foxstream’s development as it facilitates the work of monitoring agents and security personnel and, hence, the efficacy of Law Enforcement agencies.

Push Mode Data Transmission

Foxstream uses PUSH technology to automatically send video data and alarm information to a Central Station operator so that they do not need to manually collate the information and retrieve the video clips separately.

  • Transmission of alarm video clip with red contour around the trigger object
  • Immediate alarm verification
  • The operator can now take appropriate action such as dispatch a security detail, call Law Enforcement, etc.

Maximized efficiency coupled with optimal time management.

Flow Management

In order to provide real added value to both managers and passengers, Foxstream has developed reliable, comprehensive, and integrated people counting and line management solutions.

FoxCounter is an Award-Winning Application





The British Benchmark Magazine tested various embedded counting solutions:

  • FoxCounter was ranked first among 6 other competitive products
  • Evaluation criteria: functions offered, ease of configuration, precision, and reports
  • Integrated with Axis and Samsung cameras (please consult for specific models)

Award-winning reliability.

FoxQMS, Past, Present,
and Future Waiting Times

Foxstream’s FoxQMS solution provides comparable statistical data for further analysis. These data provide enhanced analyticals as they cover past data (actual), present data (estimated waiting times), and future data (forecasted waiting times)

  • The waiting time estimates provided by Foxstream are very accurate as they are based on measurements derived from complete people counts (as opposed to the samples-based estimates provided by Bluetooth, WiFi, or mobile beacon based counters)
  • Foxstream has partnered with an expert partner to provide 5-7 day forecasts: these data are obtained by aggregating internal data provided by Foxstream or the customer and external data sources such as weather, labor actions, vacation periods, etc.
  • Our solution can adapt to all types of cameras and do not require specific input or capture devices. It is also easily integrated with public signage, PA and web/mobile applications for data display and sharing

Foxstream solutions can cater to simple and quick installation requirements, as well as more complex deployments requiring customized solutions. One of Foxstream’s main objectives is to ensure that any of its Open Platform solutions can be easily integrated into the ecosystem of industry leading manufacturers.

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