Seamless Integration into "the Ecosystem":

Foxstream’s main goal is to ensure seamless integration within its ecosystem and the industry leading manufacturers:

  • Integration with technology partners (camera manufacturers, encoders, DVRs, NVRs, etc.)
  • Integration with external statistical analytics solutions, alarm management (such as Everbridge), or customer-facing passenger applications
  • Free choice of cameras
  • Integration with VMS
  • Integration with Central Station receivers
  • Integration with third party sensors
  • Compliant with industry standards
Discover our Partners

Collaboration with R&D Laboratories


Foxstream works very closely with the UMR (Mixed Research Unit) LIRIS, part of France’s CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), a world leading R&D institution. Our partnership is based on a convention signed with the laboratory, the University of Lyon, and the CNRS at the national level, allowing Foxstream to benefit from numerous exchanges with the research community. This partnership has allowed Foxstream to participate in a dozen international conferences from Singapore to Las Vegas, to present its work and to stay close to the scientific community.

Collaborative Projects


Foxstream participates in various large scale projects. One of them, confidential in nature, seeks to help the French CIS. Another project, code named Yellow, aims to perfect a mobile detection and collision risk alert system on construction sites to improve the security of construction personnel and highway users. This project, initiated by Aximum and labelled thanks to the Competitive Poles Mov’eo, LUTB and RISQUES, was selected for the 19th funding round of France’s FUI.