Successful perimeter vigilance in the Logistics sector

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Successful perimeter vigilance in the Logistics sector

March 27, 2024

  • Problems encountered on the customer’s site

Security challenges of logistics platforms

Our client, GEODIS, a world leader in transport and logistics, operates warehouses of various sizes, including those for valuable goods. The security measures required for these sites are more complex than just protecting the buildings. They must take into account the entire site, including the client’s trailers and those of the subcontractors, which constitute external storage spaces. It’s important to consider tractors, their fuel and equipment (e.g. catalytic converters), as well as all types of goods, including sensitive or dangerous materials, stored on the site.

It is vital to take a global approach to perimeter protection for each site to prevent intrusions and avoid potential cumulative damage. This approach can help minimise the costs associated with theft or damage, reduce operating losses, prevent vehicle unavailability, simplify operations for restoring order, and avoid financial penalties in contracts and insurance. Additionally, it can help preserve the company’s image with its contractors and reduce risks for staff.

Limitations of previous solutions

Our customer had implemented various external detection solutions in the past in connection with remote monitoring. However, these initiatives proved to be unsatisfactory. Some conventional electronic systems resulted in significant costs for installation, frequent and lengthy maintenance and did not offer efficient reaction time for remote intrusion monitoring. Other systems, based on video detection systems built into the cameras, resulted in high rates of false alarms and omissions. Camera views were often inadequate; unfortunately, the site sometimes presented unprotected areas.

Our client frequently had disputes with their surveillance providers due to their lack of response, overbilling and inefficient action plans.

  • The strategic choice: a solution that combines Foxstream smart video analytics, HIKvision thermal cameras and remote monitoring

Technical performance

Geodis’ choice was Foxstream’s smart video analysis (FoxBox or FoxVigi solution, as the case may be), to which HIKvision thermal cameras are connected. The Foxstream solution provides intrusion detection and the real-time transmission of intrusion alarms and videos directly to remote monitors. The technical performance of the Foxstream solution, which analyses each camera flow from an external box or server, was highlighted by our client during the intrusion tests. These tests made it possible to validate the absence of omission and effective real-time detection, all with a significant reduction in false alarms.

Foxstream smart video analysis immediately transmits the intrusion alert and video to the remote monitor. The latter makes it possible to have real-time doubt resolution and launch the predetermined intervention plan without losing a second, as close as possible to the time of the intrusion.

The HIKvision thermal camera offers one of the best and most stable thermal image quality on the market, with a widely recognised cost/efficiency ratio. The 10-year warranty on detectors and 5 years on the entire camera is an important complementary point in the decision. This contributes to Foxstream’s video analysis effectiveness because it continuously analyses camera feeds, day and night, regardless of the outside temperature and weather conditions.

Adaptability according to sites

For our client, one of the strengths of the Foxstream solution is the excellent performance/cost ratio. The range of solutions allows for equipping a powerful and efficient system within the budget and specific needs of each site.

The FoxBox range meets the constraints of sites without complexity, with up to 15 cameras, according to the FoxBox model. The FoxVigi solution is more suitable for large sites that require interfacing with a video supervisor (VMS) in a local security PC and sites with a complex external environment to protect.

The wide range of HIKvision focal lengths and resolutions makes it possible to determine the most suitable thermal camera.

Finally, Foxtream provides the FoxTool study and simulation tool, allowing for precise modelling of each site and selecting HIKvision camera models. This ensures implementation without dead or grey zones and respects the usage ranges. Thanks to this tool, the client ensures the correct positioning of the cameras for optimal operation and security.

Rapid deployment

For each project, Foxstream teams travel to analyse the desired site for our client, who then integrates it into their deployment project to assign their installer.

The deployment of the video is then very fast. As Foxtream solutions and HIKvision cameras are all available from the major distributors on the market, each installer is sure to be supplied as soon as possible. Foxstream supports each installer for either of the solutions chosen (FoxBox or FoxVigi), from installation to operational start-up with the remote monitor, throughout the duration of the solution’s use.

We ensure regular reviews with our client’s security teams to have a complete view of the state of their equipment.


The results obtained after the solution implementation exceeded our client’s expectations. Thierry Imbault, the national manager of security systems of GEODIS, our client, testifies: ‘The number of reports from the remote monitor has decreased from 3 pages to 3 lines per week. The new solution helped improve our relationship with the remote monitor. It is really efficient: I regularly organise intrusion tests on our various sites, and I can’t beat it. I particularly appreciate the involvement of Foxstream before the project, which is quite rare for a manufacturer used to marketing its products through distribution channels.’


Our client was able to implement a perimeter vigilance solution adapted to each site, with budgets varying according to the size of the site. The remote monitor regains confidence and efficiency with a guarantee of detection and few false alarms. Our client thus ensures a good relationship with their partners. Ultimately, by pairing Foxtream and HIKvision, our client can increase the perimeter security of equipped sites and drastically reduce the financial impacts of malicious intrusions.

About HIKvision:

HIKvision, a world leader in video surveillance, offers high-end IoT and video security solutions powered by AI and big data. Committed to AIoT, we are shaping a future where our technologies improve the perception of the environment by enhancing safety, convenience and efficiency. From video security to robotics, we are exploring long-term developments to stay at the forefront of innovation.

About Hikmicro

Hikmicro is a 100% subsidiary of HIKvision, specialised in the design and manufacture of thermal solutions. In 2024, Hikmicro will gradually begin marketing thermal solutions with its logo while maintaining excellent camera performance.


GEODIS is a world leader in transport and logistics, recognised for its expertise in the entire supply chain. As a growth partner for its clients, GEODIS is involved in four businesses: the International Transport Commission, Contractual Logistics Worldwide, Distribution & Express Transport and the European Road Network. With a global network covering nearly 170 countries and 53,000 employees, GEODIS ranks fifth in the world in its sector. In 2023, GEODIS achieved a turnover of 11.6 billion euros. GEODIS is an SNCF group company.