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Our Product Line

Objectives of Flow Management Solutions

Foxstream has developed a range of solutions to meet the counting and statistical requirements of all types of customers, ranging from small retail spaces to large airports. Our product line includes:

  • Reliable people counting solutions, as recommended by Benchmark Magazine
  • Solutions to increase revenues
  • Solutions that allow you to optimize resource allocations and your ROI
  • Solutions aimed at improving passenger experience
  • Innovative solutions thanks to our partnership with world-class labs such as LIRIS or CNRS

How It Works

Our Product


Design and Feasibility Aid

FoxTool is a unique project study and design tool. Available at no charge, FoxTool allows Integrators and A&E Firms to quickly assess the feasibility of projects.

  • Generates coverage areas in existing maps or diagrams
  • Indicates which areas are effectively within the video content analysis range
  • Guarantees that the VCA will work properly once deployed

Updates from the latest version:

  • 3D blocks to simulate the presence of cars, buildings, walls (etc.)
  • integrated list of cameras from the main manufacturers
  • possibility to export the created map as an image
  • possibility to add comments or questions…
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