Foxstream’s guiding principle is to be really good in its area of expertise and to associate itself with the best players in the ecosystem, thus providing to its customers state-of-the-art solutions and the freedom to choose their preferred partners.

Collaboration with
R&D Laboratories

Foxstream works very closely with the UMR (Mixed Research Unit) LIRIS, part of France’s CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), a world leading R&D institution. Our partnership is based on a convention signed with the laboratory, the University of Lyon, and the CNRS at the national level, allowing Foxstream to benefit from numerous exchanges with the research community. This partnership has allowed Foxstream to participate in a dozen international conferences from Singapore to Las Vegas, to present its work and to stay close to the scientific community.

Open Integration with Various Manufacturers

Foxstream has as its priority to make sure that its solutions are compatible with the industry leading manufacturers:

  • Free choice of cameras
  • Third party integration with statistical software, alarm management (such as Everbridge), or applications geared to passenger orientation and public signage
  • Compatible with international standards (ACI-NA,…)

Use Existing Cameras

Foxstream can use existing networked cameras to optimize installation and operation expenditures, allowing you to increase the ROI of your existing equipment.