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Service & Support

Foxstream is not only about technology; Foxstream values working relationships and human interaction very highly in order to design the best solution and configuration and to optimize the implementation of our solutions.

Real World On-Site Evaluation

Before you place an order, Foxstream personnel will come to your site to look for the best sensor placements and to understand the specific technical constraints of your site. We promise you a complete and accurate proposal based on real-world information.

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FoxTool, Design
and Feasibility Aid

In addition to the site visit, FoxTool is a unique project study and design tool. Available at no charge, FoxTool allows Integrators and A&E Firms to quickly assess the feasibility of projects.

  • Generates coverage areas in existing maps or diagrams
  • Indicates which areas are effectively within the video content analysis range
  • Gives you camera height, inclination, lens parameters, …
  • Guarantees that the VCA will work properly once deployed
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Easy Installation Thanks
to our Support Team

Once you have placed your order, Foxstream will offer you a variety of support solutions, including training, start-up assistance, and annual software support contracts.

All of our support is provided by Foxstream Project Managers and Engineers who are dedicated to Foxstream’s solutions.