The best outdoor detection solution in remote monitoring to turn alarms into immediate and effective alerts.


  • Performances: new generation of analysis combined with AI filters for detection without any compromise and a further reduction in false alarms.
  • Range extension: new models for 12- and 15-channels.
  • Easy to configure: additional filter available.
  • Durability: optimized, and more powerful industrial hardware components.
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Now available in 12 and 15 video channels

Packaged and Custom Solutions


No Server

or Color

Up to
15 Cameras

Central Station

False Alarms

Plug’n Play

Status Alarms

The FoxBox is an all-inclusive detection solution designed to be linked to remote monitoring, with 5 models available
to suit your needs.

  • Includes: customised hardware & pre-configured software, plus remote Foxstream support throughout the life of the FoxBox.
  • Range: 2, 4, 8, 12 and 15 video channels, to suit all types of site.
  • Transmission of the event to the Alarm Receiving Center in real time (integrated “push” mode), for automatic, instant and, qualified video qualification.
  • Plug’n Play: intuitive interface, simple configuration and maintenance. Integrated video storage (HDD) and I/O terminals.
  • Compatibility: native integration with remote monitoring reception platforms ESI, AzurSoft, Immix, and with the SIA DC-09 protocol.
  • Remote access: point-to-point or multi-site, through a dedicated secure and responsive web interface (mobile, tablet, PC).


Activate Dissuasive Actions

Turn on the lights or a sounder… before you even call the Law Enforcement agencies

Direct Call to Law Enforcement

Direct call accompanied by tangible proof such as a video clip

Immediate Dispatch of Security Teams

Immediate dispatch of the security teams, PA announcement and call to Law Enforcement agencies


FoxBox is integrated with

Central Station Receivers: ESI V1 – Azur Soft – T2I

Camera technical chraracteristics

Cameras: thermal/color

Camera Brands: all

2 video channels FoxBox:
Maximum Number of Cameras: 2
Type of cameras: IP

4 video channels FoxBox:
Maximum Number of Cameras: 15

Maximum acquisition resolution: 800 x 600 px

Minimal Images per Second: 5 ips


Frédéric Jarre CEO at Jarre Sécurité

On highly sensitive automotive sites, we opted to install the FoxBox solution paired with thermal cameras. A group of delinquents were skimming automotive concessions to steal the GPS units in high end vehicles. Thanks to the system, we were able to stop 5 attempts in a 9 month period, including one where the culprits were seized. The dispatch of video clips to our monitoring partners allowed us to save valuable time and to confirm the alarm immediately as they received the video clip of the incident and a red outline showing the event. Since these attempts were aborted in the premises with previous high incidences, the requirement for insurance deductibles were lifted. This gave the customers a quick ROI and they are fully satisfied with the solution.