One of the main advantages of VCA is that the object that triggers the alarm is highlighted using OSD, eg, a red contour that highlights the vehicle or person, which allows an operator to immediately identify the source of the event without wasting time. Time is the most critical factor when it comes to initiate an intervention and to apprehend the culprits. This is why real-time and automatic transmission are key objectives in Foxstream’s development as it facilitates the work of monitoring agents and security personnel and, hence, the efficiency of Law Enforcement agencies.

Complex Detection Algorithm

Foxstream solutions benefit from complex detection algorithms, different from simple motion detection. They search for objects within the image. The software carries out the following functions in real time:

  • Acquisition of the cameras’ video stream
  • Extraction from the video stream of moving objects within the image
  • Filtering & classification (real objects vs non-material, outsize objects: shadows, reflections, etc.)
  • Triggering of an alarm when an object matches detection criteria (zone, size, trajectory, etc.)

Significant drop in false alarms

Perspective/Parallax Approach

One interesting and visual aspect of optimization tools is the perspective learning display. In 3D modeling, this technology is called parallax effect. FoxVigi “learns” to recognize various objects at different distances.


A true artificial intelligence

System Alarms

Besides alarms detected by the software based on video content analysis, FoxVigi also generates system alarms based on its built-in diagnostics. These alarms may result from a variety of monitored functions, both quantitative and qualitative in nature, as listed below:

  • Color
  • Image shifting (eg, camera has been moved)
  • Distortion
  • Brightness (eg, blooming, under-exposure, etc.)
  • Blurred image (eg, out of focus)
  • Obstruction (eg, an object that blocks completely or partially the field of view)
  • Signal loss, etc.

A Dependable, Self-Monitored System

Automatic Alarm Verification to Increase Efficiency

Foxstream uses PUSH technology to automatically send video data and alarm information to a Central Station operator so that they do not need to manually collate the information and retrieve the video clips separately.

  • Transmission of alarm video clip with red contour around the trigger object
  • Immediate alarm verification
  • The operator can now take appropriate action such as dispatch a security detail, call Law Enforcement, etc.

Maximized efficiency coupled with optimal time management.

Create a Virtuous Circle
with Intervention Teams

In addition to helping the monitoring operator, the video clip can be automatically sent to external agencies. Many Police Departments accept this form of alarm verification to prioritize intervention compared with other types of alarms.

  • Law Enforcement agents have accurate information concerning the site and the nature of the incident
  • They are able to intervene quickly after the incident, thereby increasing the chances of detaining the culprit
  • Monitoring Companies can build a trust relationship with their Law Enforcement partners by providing more accurate and actionable information.

Reliability that inspires trust and quick intervention.

A Toolbox to Customize
Analysis and Data Transmission

Foxstream solutions are well suited for any type of applications, from simple to complex. You can customize the analysis through:

  • Precise and accurate configuration of perspective, sensitivity, object classification, etc…
  • Task creation (link actions with events) using the Task Manager. You can send reports, send OSD-enhanced alarms to a VMS or an FTP server, use XMSL protocols for website integration, and many more applications
  • Optimize detection criteria and parameters by reviewing existing video. The Foxstream software learns from the changes you make and optimizes the detection criteria for a truly customized solution.

Optimization tools that provide flexibility for all applications.

Thermal Cameras,
A Recommended Combination

When used in conjunction with VCA, thermal imaging technology offers many advantages leading to better detection based on a thermal imagers’ ability to distinguish temperatures in highly dynamic environments.

Thermal cameras are also much more efficient than color cameras when it comes to night vision or in adverse weather conditions as their sensitivity is almost non-existent in both of these conditions.

Thermal imaging is the ideal tool for high performance outdoor applications:

  • Minimal false alarms
  • Superior range
  • Excellent alarm verification in adverse weather conditions, day or night

More expensive cameras but worth while
as they offer greater ROI.