Overview of the Solution

Server Solution

Custom Solution

Thermal or Color

IP or Analog

Unlimited Cameras

Central Station Integration

Minimal False Alarms

VMS Integration

Configuration Optimization

System Alarms

FoxVigi is a powerful outdoor perimeter detection tool that offers:

  • Real-Time visualization
  • Alarm videos
  • Very low false alarm rate
  • Alarm video clip transmission via FTP
  • Custom configuration and complex rules
  • Automated tasks creation
  • Configuration optimization tools to tailor the software to individual sites
  • Additional modules to detect loitering, illicit access, LPR, etc.
  • Integration with industry leading VMS platforms
  • Integration with industry leading central station equipment

It is now possible to order our Servers, optimized for the FoxVigi software.


Before Detection After Detection

System Checks

Auto-diagnostics test for camera problems (color, distortion, out-of-focus image, obstruction, videl signal loss, …)

Program Automated Tasks

Configure the sending options for alarms to a supervisor, or send a video clip via email at the same time to a manager, etc.

Optimize Post-Event Detection

Play back recorded video to optimize the analysis of the events and verify direct effects

Initiate Remote Actions

Turn on external lights, sound a buzzer… before you even call Law Enforcement.

Direct Call to Law Enforcement

Transmit the alarm directly to Law Enforcement with the video clip as back-up information.

Immediate Dispatch of Security

Send a security team right away, make a PA announcement and contact Law Enforcement.

Other Examples

Tripwire crossing, zone penetration, loitering detection, left object detection, directional crossing detection, license plate recognition


FoxVigi is integrated with

VMS: Milestone – Genetec – Thalès – Alcea – GE Security – CamTrace – Cossilys – VOS/UTC Lenel
Central Station Receivers: ESI V1 – Azur Soft – T2I

Technical Specifications

Cameras: analog/IP/thermal/color
Camera Brands: all
Maximum Number of Cameras: unlimited
Minimal Images per Second: 5 ips
Operating System: Windows


Brent Woodward CEO, Marnet Solutions

We ran FoxVigi on our test system for three months. The software performed impressively, attaining very reliable detection with extremely low false alarms. It was the combination of this solid performance, and FoxVigi being a locally installed and managed product, that finalized the decision to deploy FoxVigi on the perimeter cameras. The ability to tweak the analytic settings of each camera for it’s unique environment, and refine the communication between the FoxVigi and Milestone servers simultaneously, led to success in building a solid performing system.

Florent Renaud Sales Engineer, GUNNEBO FRANCE

Foxstream is an innovative company in tune with its customers. The pre-sales services, the tools provided and the efficacy of the solutions have made a big difference on many applications. When technical help is required after the sale, the technical support team is attentive and available. Solutions, advice, service , and engagement characterize this well-established start-p company.

Cédric Jourdan Technical Manager, Ipsilan Rhônes-Alpes

The FoxVigi solution –loitering detection- is ideal for centralized video solutions. It allows for the use of existing cameras without adding any equipment on the premises. It’s a perfect solution to manage multi-site facilities, with a high level of detection reliability.

Oussama Tarik Chief Engineer, Alhotec

I have installed and configured FoxVigi systems in many sites, and I have also followed the evolution of the technology over the last few years, especially for IP cameras and the integration with other technologies, and I have to confess that the results are impressive.